Prepare Your Site Now For Google’s Search Updates in May

Google May Update Webinar Presented by Craig Martin
Presented by Craig Martin

In May, Google is changing the way they rank websites in their search results.

This will impact your website.

But you don’t need to stress about it.

In fact, this is an amazing opportunity to make your users happier and leap-frog your competitors.

I’m seeing a lot of anxious people and a lot of prophets trying to profit from doom and gloom.

It’s true: Google has a lot of power, and they’re changing the rules of the game. Again.

But you can take some practical actions in the coming weeks that will put you back in control of your site.

Join me to enjoy a stress-free journey through the changes Google’s already signalled, how to measure those changes, what they mean for you, and — most importantly — the actions you can take to be in control when the changes hit.

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